About us

Company profile

Erapolis Travel began its operations in 2006 and was created by a union with another tour operator (always from the same property) with the intention to continue and develop a tourist organization that gives particular attention to group trips, developing an operational structure inherited from the previous union with a more than 25 years experience in the specific field of group trips , together with the requirements of reliability, flexibility and timely logistics advice needed for those traveling in groups.

The initiatives in this regard are addressed to destinations that are still difficult and not easy to overcome local problems. Examples are the Middle East, the Far East and India as well as South America.

On the European side, supporting the various claims, Erapolis Travel organizes also charter flights to group trips to major European destinations.

The Organization

Today Erapolis Travel staff consists of friendly, professional and expieenced people able to effectively manage the demands of each group of client, also duel to the fact that most of them are bilingual with facilitates the comunication and comprehension of the particular needs, prepare and submit proposals that are always unique and personalized.

The tour operator

With the experience gained in the field of group trips, Erapolis Travel gradually develops its organizational activities directed at the proposed leisure, tourism and cultural sector and especially the pilgrimage.tours.

First destinations are course, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and India, offered in all their complexity, while maintaining the original setting of great flexibility aimed at making journeys so far.

Outgoing Sector

Our outgoing field is able to offer different alternatives and proposals, offering travel and holidays according to the needs and availability of each group.

Incoming Sector

Our Company is characterized by the incoming supply of high quality services and above all the professionalism and support of our multilingual staff.and ex guides who know well the real and practical touring field.

Reliability and attention in the management of services are also backed by a network of selected partners who have demonstrated their ability to ensure a high level of quality and flexibility in their respective specializations..
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